"I paint for myself. I don't know how to do anything else, anyway. Also I have to earn my living, and occupy myself."
 - Francis Bacon
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+ Judge, Carolyn

Carolyn Judge Carolyn is a full time Auckland artist working from her home in St Heliers. Her inspirations are far reaching. Carolyn travels with her Nikon camera always looking for the next landscape or portrait. "It's not unusual for me to stop someone in the street to take a reference photo for a portrait, I'm always looking for the next subject to paint". The New Zealand landscape is all inspiring especially the South Island which she travels each year on her Harley Davidson, with her paint brushes in her pannier! Her husband Stuart is a keen and competent photographer that also takes landscape photos, and takes all the photos for her still life projects.

+ Mason, Daphne

About to turn 90, Daphne Mason has over 50 years of unbroken painting and mixed media work behind her, and even in her 80’s has been found at her easel painting vigorously almost every day. A finalist in several major NZ art awards in the 70’s and 80’s before moving overseas to London, her works are held in collections across Europe, as well as in America, China, South East Asia and Australasia. Back home again in NZ after a significant period abroad, her conservation block in Silverdale provides the space for distilling her thoughts and giving them form.

+ Wood, Judy

Art by Judy WoodLargely self-taught, Judy Wood studied for a period at Whitecliffe College of Arts. She also enrolled in art classes at Te Tuhi in Pakuranga, and various weekend workshops with a number of well-known artists. Generally painting in acrylics, Judy’s style of painting embraces colour and texture and she is influenced by the coastal and bush environments around New Zealand.

> Lander, Gillian

Painting by Gillian LanderMusician and medieval musicologist as well as painter, Gillian Lander (b.1942 – resident North Shore, Auckland) paints mainly abstracted landscape, often with an underlying political, literary, contemplative or religious reference. She particularly feels indebted to the French Impressionists of landscape such as Cezanne and Monet, New Zealand's Colin McCahon (of course), El Greco, and she loves the work of Turner. She seeks not to produce merely narrative or trendy art. Fashion is of no consequence. Her heritage is pioneer NZ and Western European - even Celtic.

> Quinlan, David

Painting by David Quinlan Art has been David's passion since his teenage years in the UK and winning a number of art prizes before leaving school. Trained as an architect he pursued a successful career in the UK before emigrating to New Zealand. In 2010 David left the corporate world and set up in a studio at Ararimu. His paintings are unashamedly both representational and evocative. He is conscious of pattern and structure in the subjects and of those spaces beyond that intrigue the onlooker. David sees his task as one of simplification and rationalisation, using colour and tonal quality to reinterpret and invite the viewer in. Painting is an exciting journey as interpretation and representation changes in response to the layering of colour and abutting of impasto oils until that point is reached which just feels so right. David's work is held in private collections in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

> Ready, Kathy

Painting by Kathy Ready

Originating from Whangarei, Kathy completed her B.A. (Fine Arts) with Honours in Perth, Australia before relocating to Europe to focus on developing her own unique style. Kathy is now based in Auckland.

Enjoying the open interpretation that abstraction brings, Kathy works from mental snapshots of her physical and emotional environment, intuitively extracting the essence of what has been captured. She fills her canvases with broad brushstrokes, combining visceral colour and form. Each painting is built up in layers and as the layering process repeats itself, Kathy centers on making the colours come alive – the painting gaining more depth and detail until completion.

> Smith, Carol

Carol SmiuthCarol Smith is a West Auckland artist who has exhibited regularly since completion of a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2009. She loves experimenting with different techniques and media, but her passion is painting in acrylic on canvas. She creates imaginative and evocative paintings inspired by the New Zealand landscape and her interests in astronomy and the nature of reality.

Carol works from her studio "Pathway Studio and Gallery" in the Waitakere ranges where she also runs adult art classes.
Pathway Studio and Gallery

Albrecht, Gretchen

Gretchen Albrecht needs no introduction to anyone with even a passing interest in contemporary New Zealand art. She is one of this country's most respected senior abstract painters. In the 1990's she had taken the oval as her ground in innovative paintings that at times incorporated the rectangular form.

Andersen, Gitte

Originally from Denmark, Gitte Andersen has made Parnell her home in New Zealand.  Gitte loves strong, bold colours along with using lots of texture and layers. She loves the way the paint seems to get a life of its own, flowing over the canvas as she builds up layers, creating more and more depth to each painting.

Boot, Ingrid

Ingrid Boot is a qualified artist with a direct and simple style. Inspired by the female form, Ingrid creates atmosphere in her paintings through composition, light and subtle shadow. She welcomes commissions and works closely with her clients to produce a piece of art which brings their vision to reality.

Coop, Harold

Harold Coop is a New Zealand artist, working in the field of contemporary landscape and abstacted landscape. He has had numerous one-man exhibitions throughout New Zealand, and has also exhibited in France, England, and Australia.

Craik, Neil

Neil Craik, Glass Artist, Born in Oamaru, now residing in Auckland. He thoroughly enjoys the challenges of transforming ‘hard' sharp surfaces into smooth pieces of art. The unique range of glass art sold through Glasfame includes jewellery, wall art, platters, candle holders and leadlighting.

Crisp, Jane

Jane Crisp's inspirations evolve through the energy and emotion of the present and from her inner spirit, in which she endeavours to portray positive messages of calm and personal growth to envelope and inspire. New Zealand's natural forms, textures and culture are a continued appearance in her work.

Farrell, Michelle

Michelle works primarily as a sculptor in the bronze medium. Movement, energy & fluidity of form are strong features of Michelle's figurative works, as well as harmonic connections with nature & the cosmos. She sometimes uses humour as a means of expressing aspects of the human condition in modern day life.

Fedaeff, Nick

Nick Fedaeff is a modern artist and works with different media. He was taught professionally by some famous Russian artists and his dynamic and vibrant paintings show Nick's diverse artistic potential. Nick's paintings reflect different vibrations of life and different styles from Abstract and Russian Avant-guard to Expressionism and Minimalism.

Flowers, Arwen

Auckland West Coast beaches and Waitakere Ranges where Arwen Flowers grew up, have always been a strong visual influence in her painting. Exploring the theme of ‘borders' has her looking at the line between rural and urban landscapes, transformations, changes of state, in between spaces, from here to there.

Gale, Amiria

Amiria Gale: producer of original, contemporary, mixed media paintings. Her latest series of work explores issues relating to obesity: food / non-food; endless gaping hunger; the bottomless pit of more; addiction; sugar; mass consumption and the seesaw from fat to thin.

Gibbons, Hope

Hope Gibbons is a contemporary artist painting working full-time from her Matakana studio. Her current body of works explores the materiality of paint - it pushes the boundaries of traditional painting practice and techniques.

Gilmour, Alison

Alison Gilmour captures the endless beauty of her surrounding environment with delicate brushwork and an unblinking eye - creating images which have a photo-realistic quality and hues which reflect the clarity, light and richness of the South Pacific.

Hulme, Daniella

Daniëlla Hulme is an Auckland-based, full-time established artist. Her work reflects the influence of her Dutch heritage and the Samoan heritage of her husband and her family. Strong, bright colours and clearly delineated, stylised motifs combine to striking effect in her works.

Husselmann, Erika

Erika's work has its roots in African rock art and her reference is recollection, dreams and rhetoric.  Her work is personal and idiosyncratic with a tendency toward ambiguity. She signs them with the anagram 'arike'.

Jennings, Adrien - Gallery/Studio/Classes

Adrien Jennings has been drawing and painting all her life. Now settled above her studio in Albany Village which is open to the public five days a week, she regularly holds classes there also. Adrien particularly loves painting our wonderful New Zealand scenery and seascapes. 

Layne, Tyrone

Tyrone Vaughan Layne studied painting at UNITEC for 4 years earning a Bachelor of Design. Now a fulltime artist he paints the world of people through his youthful eyes to show hope, enjoyment, and a bright future. Solo show coming mid 2009, details will be on his website so contact Tyrone to join his mailing list.

Luci Harrison Photography

Luci Harrison has been photographing creative weddings and portraits in the Auckland area for over 20 years. Her passion for people capturing decisive moments in time and her create style and professionalism has made her recognized in the photographic industry.

Lucy G Photography

Pictures of New Zealand, Auckland photos & canvas prints, from rugged West Coast beaches (Muriwai, Piha, Bethells) to picturesque Rangitoto images & edgy graffiti photo collages - for sale through Lucy's website.

Mathewson, Tracy

Nothing is static. Tracy Mathewson's work is evolving and changing. New directions emerge as a consequence of challenging her artmaking process. Each new series of work is a definitive step forward and presents a refinement in focus and ideology.

Meikle, Deborah

Deborah Meikle specialises in macro flower photography with her own images printed onto canvas, at a maximum width 0f 1118cm. Deborah also offers a custom bureau printing service. Please refer www.meikledesign.co.nz for a current range of images.

Novak, Brad

Brad Novak is a self-taught galleried artist whose distinctive style boldly explores the use of colour, shape, contrast and composition. Achieving a visual balance between simplicity and complexity, and high-quality finishing, are characteristic features of Brad's unique artwork.

Ofe-Grant, Beth

Beth Ofe-Grant is an artist and tutor.  She is known for her two dimensional paintings, in particularly the ‘paua’ paintings. Her art is a representation of thoughts and imagery.  Whether it is an emphasis of harsh texture or a distinct fluorescent shine; this is what she sees and transfers onto canvas.

Olsen, Mark

Mark Olsen paints expressive oil portraits of quirky characters, with textures and contours that compel you to reach out for the surface. Mark infuses his subjects with inner light so their personality shines from the canvas, inviting the viewer into the characters' imaginary world.

Palmer, Jenny

Jenny Palmer has a background in art theory with a BA honours in English with Art but began painting full time in 2004. Growing up by the sea, Jenny's works reflect the movement and emotion of shifting light in our vibrant New Zealand colour palette.

Primrose, Craig

Craig is one of New Zealand's leading contemporary artists, known throughout New Zealand and the world for his skillful portraiture, sporting imagery and stunning landscapes in oil.

Ramsay, Raymond

Raymond Ramsay is a master of water colour and an accomplished artist in a range of other mediums. Inspired by New Zealand's unique quality of light and dramatic landscapes, Raymond's work captures the essence of New Zealand's personality, landscape and history.

Scott, Robin

Emerging artist Robin Scott creates pieces that are easy on the eye and aims to evoke an emotive response from her bright, bold, work painted with flamboyant energy, often depicting many New Zealand icons, inspired by the beauty of our nature, flora and fauna.

Toddun-Bell, Lisa

Lisa Toddun-Bell uses her own experiences, overactive imagination and photographs as inspiration for her artworks. Believing that creating art is a language of its own, each painting of Lisa's is a statement about life merely capturing a moment in time.
Visit Lisa's Website

Veryaskina, Anya

Anya Veryaskina mainly works with figurative compositions, a major interest of hers is the subject of gender (their similarities and/or differences)... hence her web-name ‘Metaphora', trying to capture and portray metaphors of sexes - when "something is something else".

Vitasovich, Danijela

Danijela Vitasovich is a photo-realist painter. Her signature subject could be perceived as another example of the traditional self-portrait, but in truth, Danijela doesn't paint herself. She creates and portrays characters that astonishingly resemble her but who aren't her.

Wedding, Joanne

Joanne Wedding is a contemporary artist producing abstract paintings with a focus on aspects of nature. Versatile in her choices of media, she is inspired by the NZ landscape and the different moods reflected in it.

Whitaker, Shann

Shann Whitaker, the founder and artist behind Tantrum Design is influenced by many things. Using digital printing technology and photography Shann creates pieces of art that are both modern, stylish and affordable.

Whyte, Fiona

Fiona Whyte is a widely-exhibited Auckland artist whose paintings and sculptures are held in private collections world-wide. Her acrylic on canvas works stand out with their vivid colours. They are cheerful, naive and bold, and capture the essence of New Zealand's coast and Auckland's cityscapes.

Willcocks, Kevin

Kevin paints anything that interests him from a broad range of subject matter, having an extreme passion for seascapes, also working with landscapes, maritime and bush scenes. He is fascinated with the New Zealand coastline and landscape with its varied qualities and ever changing colours and moods.

Wilson, Tim

Tim Wilson's skilful hand captures the subtle lighting effects and drama of our landscape. Through layers of oil paint and glaze he achieves a depth. Mists and cloud formations seem to move across the canvas, creating subtle mood shifts within the painting itself.

Young, Graham

Graham Young has built a reputation for creating paintings that capture the spirit of contemporary New Zealand life as it interacts with the beautiful surrounding coast and landscape. Using bold colour with strong sunlight and shade,his work embodies the relaxed kiwi attitude to life.
Website: www.grahamyoung.vc.net.nz
Facebook: Graham Young Artist

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