"...the object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity."
 - Alberto Giacometti
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+ Webber, Joanne

Joanne Webber

Born in New Zealand, Joanne Webber lives and works in Christchurch. Her paintings are informed by a variety of subjects, including history, advertising and a concern for the natural environment, with an avid interest in the sea. Work is defined by the use of bold design which dances on the canvas and draws the eye around the scene. She often uses irony to comment on events which produces quirky and thought provoking works.

Adams, Diana

Diana Adams is passionate about the New Zealand landscape and landforms. In her paintings she attempts to capture the ethereal qualities of the landscape by reducing the subject to its essential elements.

Badcock, John

John Badcock comes from a very artistic family. The talent he possesses is his own, not one born of an art school, but from dedication and perseverance in a field where he has developed considerable natural talents. John is a true master at work.

Beadle, Philip

Philip Beadle works in oil, water colour, drypoint and monotype. He enjoys working with form, colour and light, especially low winter and evening light which facillitates the wide tonal range in which he relishes.

Boyd, Dan J.

Dan J. Boyd is a visual artist based in Christchurch, New Zealand. In paintings, Boyd displays a gift for the depiction of light upon surfaces and a keen eye for detail.

Having studied at the Southern Institute of Technology, Boyd also developed an interest in spacial art. He is currently working toward exhibiting a collection of sculpted portraits of famous musicians, using re-appropriated materials.

Cribb, Tony

Tony Cribb loves to paint images and characters that invoke a reaction or emotion from the viewer, making the work interactive and bringing it to life. Every Cribb painting now follows a strict guideline to ensure it fits one or more of the following criteria;
a) inspire you
b) make you laugh
c) make you think
d) none of the above

Deanna Gracie Contemporary Jewellery

Deanna Gracie designs and creates her unique jewellery collection under her own label from a home studio in Southshore, Christchurch. Each piece, carefully crafted by hand from solid sterling silver, precious metals and gemstones, celebrates the ever-changing beauty of her natural surroundings.

Kerr, Lynne

Lynne Kerr is a contemporary South Canterbury artist and teacher, working in oils and printmaking. In 2002 Lynne held her first solo exhibition and was a finalist in the 2004 Anthony Harper Awards at COCA in Christchurch. Lynne has been painting and exhibiting since 1994 with works held in private and public collections in Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Love, Elizabeth

Since moving to South Canterbury in 1998 Elizabeth Love has extended the range of expression in her chosen craft incorporating script in richly textured, multi-layered paintings.Interest in Love's work has further cemented the commitment to working full-time as an artist, developing her soul.

Mayhew, Mike

Mike Mayhew's art looks to nature to best describe his thoughts and ideas on today's current climate and issues in this country. The ocean is a big inspiration for Mike, and his art reflects that movement, and flow of nature.

Patch, David

David Patch works in Landscape Oil Paintings: Hyper Realism in microscopic detail. His work has been described as "Exquisite - like a Dutch Master". David strives to produce the best that he can.

Pavelka, Adrienne

Adrienne Pavelka's special love is watercolour paintings. Her inspiration and compulsion to paint is charged by the effect of light on the landscape and the atmospheric patterns of the sky. Using colourful washes and transparent colours she endeavours to simplify the forms and shapes of the land.

Riden, Hannah

Hannah Riden is entirely self-taught, and her style is realist impressionist enhanced by fresh, vibrant movement and colour. Like the Impressionists, she aims to capture colour, light and mood. She draws her inspiration from the breathtaking New Zealand landscape and the great masters.

Rockel, Helen

Helen Rockel is a New Zealand painter living and working in Christchurch. Her work has always been strongly figurative, with its focus often being the personal and universal experience of living.

Steel, Donna

Donna Steel is a contemporary artist specialising in mixed media. She loves to paint and sculpt so has combined these two passions together to create her own unique style. Donna draws her inspiration from just everyday moments of life and the New Zealand landscape.

Tahan, Mehrdad

Mehrdad Tahan is a self-taught award winning artist. He has been painting full-time for 35 years. Mehrdad was influenced by Old Masters from a young age and has practiced the traditional techniques with different mediums for many years until he developed a personal style with impressionistic qualities.

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