"I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality."
 - Frida Kahlo
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Hawkes Bay
Buttle, Ricc

Ricc Buttle is a self-taught artist, working in a variety of styles, lately specializing in computer art. This form of creativity allows adaptation of photos, and creation of the fantasy scenes he prefers. Ricc takes commissions for people wanting to turn a good photo into a work of art, then printed onto canvas.

Deaker, Joanne

Joanne Deaker's unique inspirational and/or rural themed paintings; including racehorses, cattle, sheep, farmers and landscapes, are exhibited through galleries and in exhibitions nationwide. Her work can be found in collections internationally.

Schaare, Sue

Live music is one of Sue Schaare’s main influences and sources of inspiration. You can see from her works what it feels like to be there. The impression of the event is left in people’s hearts – and on Sue’s canvas.

Schloemer, Ingrid

Ingrid Schloemer is a Jewellery Artist/Tutor. Her Silver Jewellery and Gemstones are sold through galleries in New Zealand/Australia and via her website. Tuition for beginners in Silver Jewellery Making is also available. More information can be found on the jewellery page of:

Shirley, Jude

Jude Shirley paints on different materials often using recycled objects such as records, lamps, fabric, kites etc incorporating screen printing, collage, stitching. She delves into the realms of fantasy inspired by her surroundings whether it be nature or architecture often including the human form.

Wilson, Heather

Heather Wilson is fast establishing herself on the New Zealand art scene. Drawing inspiration from all aspects of life, Heather's contemporary artworks also explore aspects of New Zealand's iconic scenery.

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