"It doesn't matter how the paint is put on, as long as something is said."
 - Jackson Pollock
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> Cassin, Tracey Lee

Painting by Tracey Lee Cassin Tracey Lee Cassin is an award winning artist whose studio is in the Bay of Plenty. Her artistic style is contemporary abstract, often with the inclusion of natural and botanical elements, with works in private collections in New Zealand, Australia, USA, and Italy.

Her practice is multi faceted and explores many artistic aspects, in particular the fundamentals of space, shape and colour using a variety of mediums, which include oils, watercolours, ink and acrylics.

Brown, Bryce

Bryce Brown's paintings capture the boldness of the Modernists, the grace of the Masters and exude a true sense of the classic New Zealander. Of his distinctive figurative style, Bryce says "I like to explore human nature and movement through my paintings. I use strong line, texture and colour to accentuate human form and emotion."

Casey, Padraig

Songs always have two elements - music plus lyrics/poetry - while painting usually consists of the purely visual. What Padraig Casey tries to do is marry the visual with the poetic, using Brian Flaherty's words to create "songs on canvas".

Christiansen, Lisa

Lisa Christiansen is a fulltime artist with a strong focus on creating figurative works, especially the female form. She is known for her whimsical, stylised, surreal, finely detailed, waif like girls, often with metallic accents of gold and silver.

Demant, Rozi

Rozi Demant paintings refer to representation surrealism, a genre championed by Dali and Magritte, whose philosophies encouraged the depiction of fantasy and dreamlike scenarios. As a self taught artist, however, Demant's imagery is gleaned entirely from her own imagination.

Dewhurst, Colleen

Colleen Dewhurst is an artist based in Tauranga. Her paintings are exhibited in galleries throughout the northern North Island and her work features regularly in regional art festivals.
Website: Colleen Dewhurst

Jones, Miriam

Miriam Jones works in acrylics and started painting from scratch in 2003. Self taught, she experiments in a varity of styles and subject matter, every painting being an exciting journey. Miriam exhibits in galleries and cafes in the BOP and Waikato.

Sass, Michael

Michael Sass' preferred medium is pastel but he also works with oils and acrylics - mostly in landscape realism. Michael has a unique painting method with pastels, preferring to produce much larger paintings than the small paintings this medium is usually associated with.

Tapp, Pamela

Pamela Tapp is a Mount Maunganui based artist who loves working with abstraction, colour, texture and shape. Trying not to think out her work but rather enjoying the randomness and freedom that working in an abstract expressionism style allows.

White, Jonathan

Jonathan White is a New Zealand traditional representational landscape artist, whose work is well known both in NZ and internationally. With interests in botany, ornithology and being a keen tramper, Jonathan's paintings reflect his love of remote places and wilderness areas and the unique flora and fauna of his homeland.

Whyte, Andrew

Andrew Whyte is a top New Zealand landscape oil painting artist with many available works featuring the wonderful colour and texture of his beautiful country. Paintings by Andrew Whyte are in private collections in New Zealand and all over the world.

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