"Creativity takes courage."  
 - Henri Matisse
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+ McCarron, Amie

Amie McCarronAmie McCarron is a contemporary New Zealand Artist specialising in encaustic, the ancient and beautiful medium of pigment suspended in a beeswax and resin base; and in contemporary paintings incorporating elements of the landscape or the figurative beauty of the female form.

Amie's work has a fiery quality as she paints intuitively preferring deep rich colours to produce pieces that are tactile, exude warmth and often create a sense of drama or romance.

> Laubscher, Carol

Sculpture by Carol LaubscherOriginally from South Africa, Carol Laubscher lives in Wellington, and is enjoying working in her own studio in Lower Hutt. She has always been drawing, and discovered clay a while after leaving school. She loves the malleability and 3-dimensionality of clay, and the way it responds to your hands to become a living piece of art. More recently Carol discovered paper clay, and has a passion for imitating the beauty of the human form and face.

> Laubscher, Peter

Painting Peter LaubscherPeter Laubscher has been painting most of his life, off and on, placing work in local galleries. Always drawing as a child, going on to line and wash, moving to water-colours and currently works in acrylics. He enjoys botanical themes and landscape and tries to put a stylization into the subject, steering away from the painstaking demands of realism. Painting subjects range from large flower panels to landscapes and mixed themes.
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Andrews, Karl

As a full-time artist Karl Andrews strives to create artworks that are intense, bringing together 'impressionist' yet 'realistic' paintings. In every work Karl creates, he wants to display a discipline of hard-earned technique; yet show a freshness of heart & an unrestrained spontaneity.

Best, Juliet

Juliet Best's art celebrate the beauty and mood of local flora and fauna, landscapes and seascapes. Her paintings are an intense exploration into New Zealand's unique colours and light, often incorporating powerful horizon lines and strong textural elements.

Hamlin, Ian

Ian Hamlin's paintings are well known for their attention to detail whether in panoramic view or intimate study. Variety of subject has been a feature of his work, ranging from Realist, verging on the Surreal to a more Impressionist painting style where the effect of light and atmosphere are the major focus.

Hicks, Jason

Jason Hicks' bold and sometimes moody landscapes are often superimposed with traditional motifs, symbols and shapes, which create a strong emotional reaction for the viewer. This together with his dramatic use of colour gives his work a unique, timeless spirituality.

Ingham, Al

Al Ingham is a Lower Hutt artist who deals with Landscape, Text and Light. His influences have been Colin McCahon, J.M.W. Turner, but recently has been moving more towards a New Zealand flavour of Ralph Hotere and Shane Cotton.

Law, Kylie

Kylie Law's work reflects the love she has for beautiful colours, fabrics and textures and the way that they come together – often with surprising results. The work is energetic, original and unique and her intent is to engage the viewer and to inspire them to see beauty and colour in everyday life.

McDonald, Jack Magnus

Jack Magnus McDonald is a New Zealand-born, Australian-based realism artist. He is renowned for his ability to push acrylics to their physical limit as he blends man-made elements with raw nature. His work focuses on geometrically rich suburban spaces.

McLaren, Kate

Wellington based artist Kate McLaren creates strong images that capture the sense of space, land to sky, that was a dominant feature of her rural Wairarapa upbringing. While concentrating mainly on New Zealand landscapes Kate also works on commissioned pieces which have included portraits.

Nicholls, David

Full-time Welligton artist. Poetic style, often described as surreal. Studied at School of the Art institute of Chicago. Exhibited in City Gallery Wellington and others. Exploring many contexts for art, including galleries.

O'Neill, Stacey

Stacey is a Wellington based painter and sells in various galleries in NZ and also sells internationaly. She paints mainly with acrylic on canvas but also uses collage, air brush and mixed media. Many of her paintings have a surreal, supernatural feeling suggesting an old world New Zealand.

Sandri, Lynne

Lynne Sandri's style is individual and a quirky commentary on daily life and existence.
"I hope that people read my paintings, relate to the stories and realise it's all about us, who we are and what's shaped us."

Skelton, Susan

Susan Skelton is known for creating abstract pieces with elements strong in texture, warmth, and colour. Susan is influenced from many streams, an angry ocean, soft warm sand, the sun rising through heavy cloud, a clear blue sky. Susan also has a great passion for painting the beauty of the female form.

Souster, Adele

After a long career as a commercial artist, made the decision to do what she had always wanted to do and paint full time. She mainly paints large detailed landscapes and her work is held in private and public collections in New Zealand and overseas.

Stichbury, Anna

Anna Stichbury's paintings are bold and feature intense hues. Her background in Textiles and love of colour and texture are evident in her work. These factors combine to create rich, vibrant paintings that have an immediate impact for the viewer.

Stokes, Morag

Morag Stokes' early training in psychology as a science has a strong influence on her art. Painting for Morag is now primarily a study of the behaviour and physical characteristics of paint and colour, and how they operate on a surface.

van den Bogerd, Escha

Escha van den Bogerd's main inspiration comes from the old masters that create a beautiful sense of light in their work. She is an artist of exceptional intensity whose dynamic and poetic abstraction faces and figurative display profound sensitivity and a great emotional power.

Williams, Stephen

Stephen Williams makes abstract sculptures in glass, bronze and moulded polythene. He explores shapes found in biology and the human form, and juxtaposes these with designs found in manufactured products. While preserving the integrity of each sculpture, Stephen strives to disrupt the symmetry and predictability of these forms.

Woodman, Stephanie

To Stephanie painting is a creative experience. The thrill of painting for her is about creating other worlds, beings and environments that reflect a sense of peace, playfulness and underlying danger. The inspiration for these ideas comes from within and in the style of words and images.

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