"...the object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity."
 - Alberto Giacometti
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Animation College NZ - www.animationcollegenz.com
Animation College NZ is a registered and approved private tertiary institute offering a 3 year diploma in 2D or 3D animation.
Art + Design at AUT -  www.aut.ac.nz
We offer programmes ranging from Certificate to Masters and Doctoral level, covering fashion, printing, graphic design, spatial design and visual arts as well as computer publishing, digital media and fabric printing. Programmes balance originality, creativity and conceptual development with theoretical and professional studies.
Art & Design @ Wellington Institute of Technology - www.weltec.ac.nz
Weltec offers the following art programmes of study, Bachelor of Visual Arts, Diploma in Visual Arts and Certificate in Visual Arts.
Canterbury School of Fine Arts - www.fina.canterbury.ac.nz
The School of Fine Arts includes courses taught in Art History and Theory, and Fine Arts. Fine Arts courses at Canterbury engage students in both the practical areas of visual arts and in a wider education within the liberal arts.
Elam School of Fine Arts -  www.elam.auckland.ac.nz
Elam School of Fine Arts is recognised as the leading institution in New Zealand fine arts education. The school has a strong research-led culture and teaching programmes informed by the most recent developments in the field. Elam provides the resources and technologies to support individual creativity, innovation and professionalism.
FUSE Art Business Initiative - www.artists.co.nz/fuse
Short courses, seminars and private consultations providing information and resources for artists, to assist them in making an income from any art form.
Hungry Creek Art & Craft School - www.hungrycreek.ac.nz
Hungry Creek is a Private Training Establishment registered with the NZQA. The school offers five approved qualifications and Hungry Creek is accredited to teach them. Students are entitled to the same loans and allowances as University and Polytechnic students.
Inverlochy Art School - www.inverlochy.org.nz
Inverlochy Art School offers you a fabulous range of highest quality part time art classes taught by carefully selected practicing artists and artisans. The emphasis is on learning technique and mastering skills in each medium; very hands-on and experiential. Based in Wellington.
Quay School of the Arts - www.ucol.ac.nz
Quay School of the Arts, a school of Wanganui UCOL, teaches a fine art programmes with majors in; Glass, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture. Staffed by artists from around the world.
Manukau School of Visual Arts - www.manukau.ac.nz
At the Manukau School of Visual Arts (MSVA) you will gain the skills and qualifications needed to make your creative career a reality. We offer you a supportive environment where you can explore your creative talents and develop your artistic potential.
Moore Fine Arts School - www.artschoolnz.com
Richard and Diana have together created a fun and relaxed atmosphere, within an informal environment where you can feel comfortable to learn art techniques at your own pace. They specialise in students who have had no previous art experience or students who feel they have no natural art talent.
NorthTec Arts - www.northtec.ac.nz
NorthTec offers a range of programmes from certificate to degree level covering clay, glass, sculpture, painting, printmaking, graphic design, photography, digital media, fashion design, art history and professional studies. They also offer online creative writing programmes. Individual creativity and innovation is developed from a basis of practice-led research and technical exploration and skills development.
The Learning Connexion - www.tlc.ac.nz
The business of The Learning Connexion is to help people achieve sustainable art and creativity. We teach creativity. Our vehicle for doing so is art. Our facilities are state of the art - encompassing all fine art and contemporary art mediums.  
The Paint Basket - www.paintbasket.com
With two studios in Auckland, each has an expert tutor who is a master of the Paint Basket techniques. Art lessons are available during the day as well as after hours and absolute beginners are welcome.
Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design - www.whitecliffe.ac.nz
Programmes on offer at Whitecliffe range from six months to four years in duration. Courses range from foundation and undergraduate to postgraduate level. Subjects available are Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Photography, Film & Video, Art Therapy, Arts Administration and Fine Arts itself.

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